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Press release 2

kurimanzutto is pleased to introduce the second phase of TITAN, an ongoing project series in a solitary phone booth, conceived by the artist Damián Ortega and Bree Zucker. Initially launched as a group exhibition, the TITAN project now begins a new stage, focused on a single kiosk, like a pin on a map, at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 53rd Street in New York City. During the course of the year, six individual voices will each present a solo project, using the phone booth kiosk as they see fit.

For the third project in TITAN’s solo project series, Roman Ondak presents Announcement, 2003, a work that seamlessly transits the invisible line between conceptual art, performance and instruction. In Announcement, a placard placed on all three sides of the kiosk asks viewers for their complicity in a performance of non-performing. Created from a collage of cut letters, pasted as ransom, it states: “As a sign of solidarity with recent world events, for the next minute do not interrupt the activity you are doing at this moment.” This invitation to passerby to suddenly become part of an artwork, is one of the many ways Ondak develops intimacy with people he will never meet, involving them as actors in his work. As a subtle intervention into everyday life, and imagination, Announcement blurs the line between creator, producer and a subversive sense of space. 

The TITAN project takes as its premise that a gallery may exist as an open space, free for all viewers, at any hour, even in the middle of the night. It aims to open a space for experience, imagination, and dialogue during a decisive time of great potential change. Like a newspaper, or public bulletin board, the solo series of the TITAN project continues kurimanzutto´s ongoing dialogue with a broad audience in the public sphere. Since its inception in 1999, kurimanzutto has consistently promoted projects and exhibitions outside of a traditional white cube to stimulate cultural dialogue. Previous projects have included exhibitions and performances in local markets, floating gardens, parking lots and airports, alongside the recent billboard project Sonora 128, in Mexico City. TITAN marks the first citywide project by kurimanzutto in New York.


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